Heather Woof Studio

Heather Woof designs and makes contemporary jewellery from her Edinburgh studio.

Inspired by pattern and structure, Heather's designs are characterised by clean lines and sculptural forms. Each piece is handmade with a focus on refined detail and beautiful craftsmanship.

Heather has won multiple awards for her work, including a gold award from the prestigious 'Goldsmiths Craftsmanship and Design Awards 2016'.  She has exhibited internationally and regularly exhibits throughout the UK.

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Industry Awards

2016 Goldsmith Craftsmanship and Design Awards: Gold

2014 Hothouse. The Crafts Council

2014 Edinburgh Craft Maker Award

2014 Creative Scotland Funding

2013 Goldsmiths Fair Graduate Bursary

2013 Rising Stars winner

2011 Andrew Grant Scholarship

2011 South Square Trust Scholarship

2011 Gil Packard Bursary

2010 Helen A. Rose Bequest