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Residency - Part 1

Residency - Part 1

National Glass Centre Sunderland

Glass Jewellery - Experimentation and Collaboration

Over the past few weeks I have been taking part in a residency at The National Glass Centre in Sunderland.  Working with Glass Artist Joanne Mitchell to create experimental Glass Jewellery using the technique of Water Jet Cutting.  The project is both a collaboration and an exploration of new materials and techniques.  It will culminate in an exhibition at The National Glass Centre from 25th March, touring to Ruthin Craft Centre later in the year. 

I am one of 8 Jewellers and 4 Glass Artists taking part in the project.

Glass Artists: Joanne Mitchell, James Maskrey, Ayako Tani, Angela Thwaites

Jewellers: John Moore, Emmeline HastingsChris BolandMaud Traon, Christopher Thompson Royds, Kaz Robertson and Kate Haywood.

The images below show some of our experiments, samples and explorations in glass from the first part of the project.  I spent week 1 getting a feel for what is possible with Glass as a material and what the water jet can achieve.  I aim to explore pattern and structure by working with the edge of the glass sheet and playing with depth and transparency.

The next step is to take these inital test pieces back to the jewellery studio for composition and creative play before deciding which to edit, refine, push and finish!

Water Jet Cutter

Water Jet Cutter

glass sample
Glass Sample
work in progress
National Glass Centre

Watch this space!