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Eco method for cleaning silver
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This is one of my favourite ways to clean tarnish from silver jewellery.  It is quick and easy, and can be used on items with any finish from matt to shiny and for pieces from small jewellery to large scale silverware. It will brighten your piece and remove any tarnished, darkened areas.   It uses no nasty chemicals and only requires a few things that you will probably already have in your kitchen cupboards.

You Need: 

Aluminim foil

1tsp Baking soda

1tsp salt

glass or ceramic dish

boiling water


Line your dish with a sheet of aluminium foil and place your silver jewellery on top.  (The silver must touch the foil for the process to work.)  Sprinkle the salt and baking soda into the dish then pour over boiling water, just enough to submerge your pieces.  You can do a group of pieces at once, just make sure that they don't rub and scratch one another.  Using more water will require more baking soda/salt.

You should see results within a couple of minutes!

Rinse well, then allow the pieces to thoroughly air dry on a clean soft cloth.

The perfect way to give your silver jewellery a spring clean!  For more advice on cleaning and repair read my full care notes here.

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